Hey Everybody!!!

hey chickening friends and family its been such a long time! Middle school is so very busy, i have so much Homework!!!! I was writing another essay when i saw mrs. chiavirini blog (my brother has her now) and i saw my Blog!!!! i had some trouble logging in but i finally succeeded! Whats going on in your lives??? i will write some more this weekend, I have to study for my math test… bye!!! ¬†ūüėČ


Aloha! I am sorry bloggers i have been so busy with middle school homework and lots of other things i haven’t been blogging for a while. Oh well! at least i found some time over feb break! do you guys have feb break???? we have Christmas break, feb break and april break. Ahhhhhhhh. lots of home work but lots of break!

School’s Out!

FINALLY!!! The moment we have all been waiting for, drum roll please… SUMMER!!!! Following, the¬†arriving of summer…¬†piano¬†recital. Not much¬†excitement there, I have to say though I do have a¬†rockin’¬†piece¬†to play The Harry potter theme song. It is five pages long and I memorized the whole thing. Cool right? Okay, okay enough piano talk now, lets talk about summer. For my summer I am going to North Carolina for three weeks to visit my grandparents. Then we come home and it’s camp, Camp, CAMP! Anyways what are you doing for your summer? Please reply!!!!! Thanks.

Freedom trail

Hi! On Tuesday we are going on a freedom trail. You know Paul Revere? Well the freedom trail is just following his path. We spend the whole day in Boston on the freedom trail then we come back to school at 3:30 and our parents have to pick us up. This is the only field trip where we are allowed to buy our lunch! Aside the freedom trail we will be visiting famous peoples graves, where the boston massacre happened, bunker hill and many others! I cannot wait!!!!


You know how I wrote, about how I spent my Saturdays? Well, now I am going to write about how I spend my Sundays. Sunday is a different story. Sometime there is chores. And there is always is church. So I wake up at 6:30 because, my brain does NOT know how to go back to sleep ( very¬†annoying). Then I do my morning things and go to church. You know it gets very¬†annoying to go to church EVERY Sunday and do this . Sit stand sing, sit sing stand, sing sing sit, stand stand, shake hands with complete strangers, sit stand and on and on ( a child’s¬†point of¬†view)¬†. YAWN! (Another child’s point of view). I mean at least not EVERY Sunday! Twice a week? Please? Its not that I hate it I mean it gets boring for kids, I don’t even know what the¬†priest¬†is saying half the time! We are sitting in there for an hour with all this morning energy and nowhere to put it. Well I hope you get the point. Bye!(P.S. I have been typing this whole thing with a cookie in my mouth!)

Reading Response for the 7th

Hello! This week for my reading response I have chose a book called Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech. Some of the book takes place in a¬†orphanage.¬†Dallas and Florida live in this¬†orphanage run by the mean Mr. and Mrs. Trepid. Dallas and¬†Florida¬†are twins and both thirteen.One day, the twins are “hired” for a summer by an old couple from Ruby Holler, Tiller and Sairy, as companions for their separate vacations: Florida for Tiller’s boat trip down the Rutabago River; Dallas for Sairy’s birding expedition to the island of Kangadoon. I really liked this book when the old couple came to the¬†orphanage¬†I knew that Dallas and Florida were sure to be going with them. It was also very easy for me to imagine what the people, places look like. She is very good with details, the author. When I read the book I felt sorry for the twins being in the¬†orphanage¬†such a bad place to live. Tiller and Sairy were really nice to the twins.I¬†thought¬†that the twins would like them from the start to. Instead the twins were¬†suspicious¬†at Tiller and Sairy and ran away a couple of times. But, Tiller and Sairy found them each time. And each time they found them the twins became less and less suspicious of the of the old¬†couple. I recommend this book to you highly¬†because¬†it has many little¬†adventures¬†in it and the book is very¬†interesting. I hope you read this book!

Reading Responces

Hey Guys! For my reading¬†response this week I am supposed to¬†remember¬†a book we’ve read over the school year and¬†recommend it and talk about our thoughts while we are reading it. Well I can not decide¬†which¬†book I should do. There is one called Which witch by Eva Ibboston. And another book called Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech. I want you guys to comment on which book you think I should write a¬†response¬†on. I will¬†probably write my response on saturday so that will give you guys a good couple of days to comment.

Thanks First Graders!

This is a shout out to all first graders who sang that wonderful song, about us fifth graders leaving Elementary school and going on to middle school. It was so beautiful I cried during it. You guys are so thoughtful to think of us and it is great to get a good bye before going of to middle school. You guys must have worked so hard on it because it would be hard for even me to remember all those words! Really guys the song was beautiful and you all did a great job. (Please first grade teachers if you find this post could you share it with your class because I would want them to know how much I enjoyed their song.) Thanks!

Reading Response for the 24

The book I am reading this week is called Shadows In The Glasshouse by Megan McDonald. It takes place way back in 1612. Meredith Shipman was walking, on the docks when suddenly a sailor kidnapped her and brought Meredith to Jamestown and, sold her as an Indentured servant. As an Indentured Servant she is forced to work at an Glasshouse helping blow the glass. She likes helping in the glasshouse but then, strange things begin to happen. Glass is disappearing and tools are being stolen. People start thinking it is her friend Angelo. Can she prove who the real thief is before her friend or even herself gets put in jail?

Reading response for the week of May 15

Right now I am reading a book called Schooled by Gordon¬†Korman. I don’t want to spill the beans but I will tell you a bit about the book. The main character’s¬†name is Capicorn Anderson and he is a hippie. And no I am not kidding. He actually is a hippie.¬†¬† He lives in a place called Garland.He does not know anything about the outside world, what a telephone is, what a elevator¬†is, what a microwave is etc. The problem in the story is his grandmother Rain (the only person he lives with) breaks her hip. He has to go live with another family for a while, has to go to school (was home schooled ) and is being bullied at school. Will he ever go back to Garland?